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Topic: 10 things you must consider before taking an essay test

Essay writing is a technique generally presumed to be very tough and demanding. People find it so confusing about what to prepare and what not. But the reality is that you are not only graded based on what words you have spilled out. But also the fact that how have you assimilated your text, aligned it, and completed your essay in a neatly formatted document. If you are a beginner essay writer and you are about to get started with your test preparation or you have your test anytime soon and you want some guidance. We are ready to help.

Writing an essay, especially to get into a college or school sounds the scariest part for any beginner in academic life. People usually assume that some very difficult tasks are going to get involved to get the pass and enter a school or college. However, that is not the truth entirely.

Before we start off with anything else you are highly appreciated to keep yourself calm and composed when you start your test. Because otherwise, rushing or any other blunder might cost you your admission to your favorite college. Before you start thinking, “How do I write my essay for my admission in school? What help can I get from you here? Why are you not telling me soon?”. Let’s begin with some of the basic steps that you need to follow to get a perfect essay for your admission to your favorite educational institution.

  1. Essay writing

Writing an essay based on your own field of interest might not be that big a deal. You just have to follow the basic steps for writing an essay.

  1. i) Brainstorm

  2. ii) Research

iii) Formulate Thesis

  1. iv) Annotated bibliography

  2. v) Begin with introduction and end with thesis statement

  3. vi) 3 body paragraphs with strong topic sentences and evidence to support your claim

vii) Conclusion paragraph

Follow these basic steps and get your document done. Then comes important work that needs to be done very carefully to get the attention of your reader/ professor

2) Reference Check

The most important factor begins as soon as you prepare the first draft of your essay. Proofreading and editing it is. Begin with checking the accuracy and adaptability of the references that you have inserted in your body paragraphs.

3) Reference CheckList

Not just the reference insertion in any essay is necessary but the list as well. Look first if you have even formulated your reference list or not. Check if you have inserted all the references with their correct in-text citations or not.

4) Primary and secondary sources

Be sure that you have not only inserted secondary but primary sources as well to get your document more authentication and validity as soon as the teacher reads it. There is many essay writer are available on the internet.

5) Exclude grammar and punctuation

Strong proofreading skills are very much necessary to get your document to the level of perfection. And you must keep in mind that you get plenty of time to edit, view, review, and finalize your document at all costs. Take a close look at your document and read every sentence to exclude all grammar and punctuation errors.

6) Look for syntax and diction errors

Sort out these issues as soon as you get done with the first draft because maintaining the flow and creating a sense between the argument, evidence, thesis, and body parts are very much necessary. Be sure you keep that contended at all costs.

7) Review Introduction

Not only the structure and context of the essay must be maintained but the word count within the given time. The essay must have an estimated range of 500 for the introduction and thesis statement segment. Your essay must not include any informal or casual language with an ongoing flow. It must have an academic tone and sense of words as soon as the document forwards the discussion.

8) Review the given instruction

There are many situations where you start your essay in such a hustle that you forget to review the essay topic and instruction and believe you have got it all. It is very much necessary to avoid any such mishap that might cost your admission. So better have a look at the end of your first draft again if you have completed all the requirements of your essay or not. Make sure you add all points and discuss it all.

9) Review your conclusion

You are not just meant to restate your introduction in the form of a conclusion. Be sure that you must have some conclusion idea that reflects how and why you have come to that conclusion.

10) Final Draft

Make sure you do not rush your ideas in your text. Nor should you presume that the essay checker knows it all and the answer is so obvious that you should not explain it much. You must keep the instructions, word count, time limit, and all other factors necessary to maintain your essay in your head and work accordingly. Make your essay to your favorite field and favorite college that way.

I hope these instructions can help you make your way to the academic world. If not, you can contact any essay writing service, share your concerns and tell about your demands. You will get your required help easily.

A lot of you out there might still think writing a college admission essay is such a skill and you are not that brilliant a student to get it done. However, that is not the case. Be sure about your abilities. Have faith. You can do it!

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