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A cause-and-effect essay on “domestic violence" - Tips & Sample

Cause and effect essays are not normally practiced by beginners. This is because it requires experience and also sufficient knowledge of writing. Moreover, cause-and-effect essays require different skills which are not easy to learn and adopt. Writing a cause-and-effect essay is not a one-day work. It requires experience and also skills. If I have to write my essay based on the cause and effect of the topic I would practice writing and then figure out whether I can provide a good essay or not. I would also prefer looking at samples as this would assist me in writing an interesting cause-and-effect essay.

There are few categories of essays through which the writers try to make the reader agree with their point of view. These essays are normally written for their benefit. Cause and effect essays are also written when the writers want to attain the reader's attention. These essays are written when the writer wants to put forward his concerns and inform the reader with their point of view. The writer simply first specifies the cause on a certain topic and based on the cause, the writer then demonstrates the effect.

An essay writer should be aware of all the basic and essential points required for a cause and effect essay. They are different types of essays which people confuse with cause and effect essays. One such essay is an argumentative essay. This is because both emphasize the identical outcome. However, in an argumentative essay, the writer emphasizes only the argument without specifying the effect or cause. The writer needs to look for samples. Moreover, the writer should explain the difference between cause and effect and other essays. This would aid him in clearly documenting the appropriate cause-and-effect essay.

People who have sufficient experience and are not aware of the differences should seek help. This is important as it would save us from future consequences. Many service providers are 24/7 available to assist their customers. The objective of these service providers is to provide the best service to their customers. To select the right essay writing service, one needs to check their rating, their policy, the amount they charge, and the work they have provided. Through this, the writer can have an idea about the quality of work provided by them.

There are numerous different topics available for cause and effect essays. For beginners, it is important to write on easy and common types. This might be an issue or a general problem.

Sample of cause and effect essay

Social problems are the most widely spreading issues in different countries as per essay writer. One of the most common and yet less reported social issues is domestic violence. This is because it avoids complaining over the person abusing which is commonly the partner. Each year numerous girls become the victim of domestic violence and after being targeted many times they either have severe wounds or pass away. There are different causes of this issue observed, however, few of them are most commonly observed. Moreover, the effects of this social problem are also similar. The objective of this essay is to illustrate the cause and effect of domestic violence.


They are different causes due to which a female or child becomes the victim of social violence. One of the most common causes is the upbringing of the abuser. Normally children coming out from such families who have seen or experienced abuse are more likely to have an abusive nature. This is because the behavior and the things they have noticed and experienced in the past have a deep impact on their personalities. Moreover, another main reason is due to the experiences of a person. People who are less literate and face troubles daily are more likely to have an abusive nature. The people who become victims of domestic violence often ignore the treatment they are getting because they avoid getting involved in extra issues. Based on which the cases of domestic violence are also increasing. Moreover, domestic violence is also caused due to the lack of lessons taught by the guardians. Children should be taught to speak for their rights and raise voice against the torture they are facing.


The main negative effect of domestic violence is on the victim and the people working under the victim. For instance, if a mother is facing violence, then she often ignores the treatment. This makes the abuser more confident and makes him stronger. Moreover, as the effect of domestic violence, many people suffer from mental issues. The essay writing service suffer from issues such as depression, anxiety and due to the violence, they are few who get serious severe injuries. The effect of domestic violence has a negative impact on both the current and future generations. It destroys the self-respect of the person and also makes them mentally weak. Therefore based on the effect of domestic violence it can be demonstrated that domestic violence should be controlled so that the percentage of the effect of domestic violence can be minimized.


Based on the above-mentioned analysis, it can be demonstrated that domestic violence is one of the greatest threats to society. It has a negative impact on future success and development. Domestic violence is caused due to many reasons and the majority of these reasons are fairly common in society. As a result, the effect is also common. Based on which it can be suggested that domestic violence should be controlled. The abuser should also be questioned and punished so that such cases are avoided in future.

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