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Best Travel Apps for Planning & Enjoying Your Next Trip

Do you have business or vacation travel plans? Here are the top apps for trying restaurants, currency exchange, maps and directions, and in-flight entertainment. It is useful for your trip as simple scanner app for iphone for your business. Once you arrive at your destination, we offer apps for translation, booking hotels and guesthouses, sharing photos and more. Here are the 10 best travel apps; Have fun!

Vacation Planning App

Splitwise (Free)

Don't waste time on financial disputes. Easily track your team's expenses with Splitwise; Paying your expenses is as easy as borrowing money.

Just because a restaurant looks great doesn't mean it's worth the expensive appetizers. Use Yelp to find affordable, off-the-beaten-path local spots.

My Currency and Exchange Rate Converter (Free)

This offline app is a must for traveling abroad. Use a currency conversion app to see if the exchange rate you get is fair or exploit your ignorance.

PackPoint (Free)

Are you afraid of forgetting something while packing for a trip? Give PackPoint basic information about your trip, and the app will give you a list of what to bring and room to add extras.

Google Maps (Free)

Download your destination map for offline use in Google Maps before starting your next trip. No more panic when you need directions, but no directions!

Netflix ($12.99/month)

Whether you're traveling by plane, car, boat, or train, download the latest Netflix episodes you're not already watching to your device and watch your way to your destination.

Best Travel App

Darkroom (Free)

You know you want to share all the vacation photos you've taken. For that, I highly recommend the Darkroom app. It's easy to use and makes your photos look great.

Babbel ($15.99 per month)

If you travel abroad, learning conversational language is helpful and respectful. I love Babbel because it's designed to get you talking as fast as possible.

Hotel Tonight (Free)

This is another great app that you can use when you need it. If your Airbnb fails or your hotel is overbooked, head over to Hotel Tonight today and find an available room.

Google Translate (Free)

This is an essential app if you're traveling to a country where you don't speak the same language. The app looks at signs, menus and more, and then translates what they say right in front of your eyes.

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