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E-Catering App | IRCTC eCatering App | Catering Services in Train

E-catering app is a dedicated food delivery in train service through which passengers traveling on the train can order good food online by downloading the e-catering app on their smartphone. Whenever you need food during your train journey, you do not have to rely on the pantry car food instead you can download the e-catering app and order tasty, restaurant-style food and get it delivered right to your seat. Anyone traveling on a train can order food online from the e-catering app. When passengers want tasty food on the train, we are one of the most trustable food deliveries in train brands having a variety of food items on our catering menu. Call us at 8102202203 or visit our official website or download our app from the PlayStore to order hot and hygienic food for the train journey.

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